Whether you are thinking of leaving, wondering if you can or have left Jehovah's Witnesses and The Watchtower we are here for you. ExJWSupport is a network of ex Jehovah's Witnesses throughout the UK who have experienced first hand the concerns, problems and joys of leaving Watchtower. Therefore we understand when others who have not experienced it do not. There is no doubt it is a big step to take, and one with immeasurable consequences, however rest assured that life beyond exists and is flourishing. We are happy to talk on a one to one basis or within our private group chat


We have a number of meetup groups across the country, click here to find out more. These are great opportunities to meet like minded people face to face to either discuss JW related issues or just to socialise and make friends with others who understand you.  

Who we are

The team within exJW Support are people just like you who are all over the UK. We are from different backgrounds, of different ages and have varied interests and at varying stages of recovery.


We highly recommend that you do your own research, find out for yourself from the facts and from testimonies of others.

Here are some helpful sites:

JW Victims
JW Facts

Contact us

If you are having suicidal thoughts please contact Samaritans - click here or call 116 123 Or email